Village Feedback


At the public meeting held at Lamerton Village Community Hall on Tuesday January 5th, the principle of the proposed Lamerton Parish Neighbourhood Plan (as described elsewhere on this website) was introduced to a packed house of approximately 100 residents of the Parish.

Key guests / observers were Rebecca Black and Alex Rehaag of the Place and Strategy Team at West Devon Borough Council.

At the conclusion of the presentation given by Mike Jefferies (Chairman of the Parish Council) and John Edgar (Parish Councillor and Interim Chairman of the Steering Group, responsible for bringing the Plan to the present stage) a number of questions were raised from the floor. Following these, the proposal to proceed with the Plan was unanimous and this website will continue to act as the focal point for future updates on progress of the Plan.

As the Steering Group seeks to obtain funding, it will now proceed to build a Survey / Questionnaire document for submission to all properties and residents within the Parish. Now that the project is ‘officially’ under way, the Steering Group will be strengthened with additional members of the public in the near future. 

During the Public meeting, a brief questionnaire was given to attendees which sought to determine answers to two simple questions, the response from which provides an indication of the views held on (a) 3 things about Lamerton that must be maintained and, (b) 3 changes or improvements that would be beneficial to Lamerton.

The responses have been analysed under some generic headings below:

Plan Feedback Part A 5 Jan 2016  (as PDF)

Plan Feedback Part B 5 Jan 2016  (as PDF)

Residents meeting held at the Village Hall on Monday August 7th, 2017

Very many thanks to those of you who came along to the residents meeting to be updated with a progress report on the Neighbourhood Plan. During the meeting, we sought your assistance in determining the best sites for future development.

Click the link to view a summary of results: Summary of Preference Results.pdf

This is your Plan and we are grateful for your help in enabling us to move forward. We sincerely hope you found it an informative and beneficial meeting.

By selecting the following links you will see the actual documentation that was given out at that  meeting. 





It has been noted that, despite our best efforts which involved our use of the latest mailing list for Lamerton addresses (extrapolated from the last Census report), some residents did not receive the flyer advertising the recent August 7th residents meeting held at the village hall.

As we wanted to have the largest turnout we could to reflect the wishes of our community, we were disappointed to hear this news following the efforts expended by Plan Steering Group members who manually delivered the flyers.

It is important for you to ensure that you are recorded on the Census database for numerous reasons that will future contact with all residents.

Our Neighbourhood Plan flyers are usually printed on pale blue paper, so please be vigilant to spot them amongst general mail.

John Edgar, Lameron Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group